Cloudsoft Reversible Nude Beige Spaghetti Top & Shorts Set

Rs. 1,035 Rs. 2,299


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Our reversible collection of taupe shorts with top is lightweight, airy, and breathable with lining around the neck and shorts, making it a stylish lounging set for summer. Double your comfort by wearing multiple looks of these reversible shorts with a top. Effortlessly switch from velvet to satin to change your look. Reverses from velvet to satin Sleeveless top with shorts Lightweight and airy.

  • Made¬†of¬†a¬†lightweight¬†and¬†breathable¬†fabric,¬†making¬†it¬†perfect¬†for¬†all¬†weather.
  • Soft and¬†stretchy¬†material,¬†making¬†it¬†comfortable¬†to¬†wear.
  • A perfect match¬†for¬†your¬†personal¬†style.
  • The set¬†is¬†machine¬†washable,¬†so¬†you¬†can¬†easily¬†keep¬†it¬†clean.

           FABRIC : SUEDE